Luca A. Caizzi is a Photographer and Creative Director based in Milan. After the first degree in Marketing and Management, he moved his attention to photography, and while he was still studying at IED, founded C41, which he is now leading as creative and editorial director. He works with brands and magazines belonging to the fields of design and fashion from all over the world.


+39 3455127838

Rep in Italy - Netherlands - France by C41


2020-ongoing: Teacher @NABA

2019: Opening of C41 Holding B.V. Amsterdam

2018-ongoing: Teacher @IED Milano

2014-2015: Teacher @SinerVis Consulting

2012-2017: Freelance Production Manager @Reparto21

2012-ongoing: Freelance Photographer

2011-2017: Co-Founder @Zi Italy

2011-ongoing: Editorial and Creative Director @C41

2011: Founder of @C41 Magazine

2009-2012: B.A. Photography @IED Milano


2019: Radio Raheem Periodica Ossessione Guest Luca A. Caizzi 10-7-19

2020: magCulture At work with: Luca A. Caizzi

2020: It's Nice That “Telling extraordinary stories about seemingly ordinary people"


2016: The design of the word @ Italianism, Rome

2017: Talk in IED @IED Milano, Milan

2020: Magazine #1: Digital @ thisiscombo w /Reading Room, Milan


2020: Piano Piano, Piano screening and live performance @ riviera→ Jan 31 - Feb 07


2019: Book — In memoria della primavera - 15x24cm, 32 pages, Digital printed and Slaped, Words by Alessandro De Agostini, Design by Federico Cavalieri,

2019: Book — Fiori e Franca - 21x29,5cm, 76 pages, Digital printed and Metal Spiral, Editions of 10

2019: T-Shirt — La plus belle est Philippe Starck, Editions of 10

2018: Book — Privacy - 21x14,8cm, 12 pages, Digital printed and Slaped, Editions of 50


Fashion Film Festival Milano

Los Angeles Fashion Film Festival

UK Fashion Film Festival

Miami Fashion Film Festival

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